Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finnikin of the Rock, by Melina Marchetta

The novel Finnikin of the Rock opens into the mystical land of Lumatere in the spring.
Plot Spoilers! Please highlight to read!

On the eve of the Harvest Moon Festival, where Lumaterans dance and give thanks for life, Finnikin of the Rock has a dream that he was to sacrifice a pound of flesh in order to save the beloved land. Finnikin and his three friends make an oath to protect the royal family at all costs, but the royal family is murdered one night by the family's cousin. As a result "the five days of the uspeakable" occurs and a curse is placed on the land binding all those within to the castle and keeping former Lumaterans out.
This fantasy novel provides suspense with the courageous tale of Finnikin and his fight to break the curse. This book is for young teens and pre-teens who enjoy reading fantasy novels that contain a lot of action and suspense. Finnikin is a courageous and loyal hero and a character that you would want to see in more novels.

Ellen, 10th grade

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