Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thirst by Christopher Pike

Where do I start? Christopher Pike writes about a mystical, outrageous, and fantastic world in his book, Thirst! This book has kept me reading it every day and nonstop until my eyes get worn out from too much reading. Thirst has three books in it, which is the reason it's very large. Thirst includes in it, The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice. Each book made me fall in love with the characters as well as the author, more and more! Thirst may be a spectacular book, but there are 3 more waiting for me to explore.

Alisa Perne may look 18 years old, but she really knows her true age! She's been to Ancient Rome, Egypt, mostly anywhere in the world. Her true age, she would probably kill me for telling, is 5,000 years old. I was wondering how on Earth is that possible, but truly think about it. Wanting to kill me, by drinking all my blood! Really answers to -- VAMPIRE! Alisa Perne, the 5,000 year old bloodsucking MONSTER!

Alisa's secret has been discovered, now she's on the hunt to find who's sending men after men to capture her and "experiment" on her. Of course, from dangerous, out of the world adventure always comes...Romance! Alisa, the dangerous, is she "that" dangerous to survive?

I'm only going to recommend this book to VAMPIRE LOVERS, obviously obsessed readers, and also people who want to discover Pike's crazy and mystical world. If those qualities fit you, pick up the book and join Alisa in her adventure of life or death!

Review by Travis L.

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